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Enabling Enterprise

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Northwold at UBS Bank

Northwold Primary School has been using Enabling Enterprise to educate our children using new mediums. Each term, every class undertakes a week long activity which aims to give the students a chance to increase their potential in real world scenarios.

Northwold at UBS Bank









The enterprise education programmes help teachers by integrating skills development into different areas of the curriculum for KS2. So, to help history lessons come alive, students create and carry out a campaign on a local issue; in French, they set up a business with an international flavour; in Maths, they design a new sport for the Olympics. All the while, developing skills that are subject-specific – like using as shape work and modelling to design an Olympic arena – and enterprising – like working in teams, turning ideas into plans, giving presentations and communicating effectively.

You can read how the school participates in challenge days here:

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