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Viney Hill ‘All about adventure and survival…’

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Viney Hill was amazing! It was all about adventure and survival. We had many, many fun, scary and cool experiences which I will tell you, reader, all about….

Bush Craft

Bush craft was spectacular. We were introduced to a member of staff, called Bump, who showed us how to make a shelter in the woods. As a team everybody retrieved long sticks and put them together using only that!

After that, we walked back and ate some bitter cress. Eeeww!! We went to the front of the woods and sat around on big thick logs. Bump then showed us how to make fire using cotton wool and flints.

Then, we got a stick each and stuck a marshmallow on top and roasted them! Unfortunately for me, after I ate the casing, it dropped off the stick, not once but twice!


This activity was very, very exhilarating! First, we went to the shed and put on our buoyancies, which are foam-packed life jackets. We then drove to the River Wye where an adult taught us how to paddle (on land off course!) We were ready for our canoes!

Each group had two canoes joined together with strong rope. Up to four people could. In my boat I had three of my friends. Safina and I were steering the boats, whilst Kehinde and Shadise were paddling at the front of each canoe.

Unfortunately, as we were all amateurs, our canoes became stuck in the twigs and bushes of the river bank! Everybody was ahead, whilst we cried and shrieked for help! I am surprised I can laugh at it now as I was quite scared at the time!

When our canoes finally reached the shore, we were so happy to be with our other friends and teachers and have a break whilst eating lunch!

By Shyann


 ‘…It was hilarious!’

My favourite activity was all-day canoeing, because it was something I’d never tried before and I was paired with wonderful people; Miss Bower –who surprisingly has the same taste as me, my friend Tiwa and Priyanka , that is very nice, as was everyone else I went with.

My favourite parts of the activity

One of my favourite parts was when we played a game after lunch. What we had to do was wear buoyancy aids on our legs and spin round six times then race back to the line: kind of like a sack race . The other thing I really liked was when our instructor, Paddy, gave the boys a head-start yet they were behind all the girls after about five minutes it was hilarious! Another thing I really like was when we played a game featuring a song called The King’s men. What we did was jump when Paddy said ‘up’ and sit down when he said ‘down’. Over all the ups and downs, Viney hill was truly unforgettable.

By Taiwo



‘Took team spirit and co-operation…’

Viney Hill is a very good experience for children in Year 6. It makes you feel independent.

The activity I loved doing was canoeing. Canoeing took team spirit and co-operation and when your team (including yourself) work together you see how fun it is!

My other most favourite activity was the talent show! For the talent show I sang Umbrella with Safina, Ogina and Tylah.

Viney Hill was the most fun I have ever had and I hope to go there again!

By Danita


Active and relax all in a week…’

I really enjoyed Viney Hill, it was a once in a life time opportunity to go there!

To get there we went on the bus to Finsbury Park, after we got the tube to Paddington then a train to Gloucestershire and finally a minibus to Viney Hill.

It was so much fun because we got to be active and relax all in a week! We got to do lots of exciting activities, which were: bush craft, low ropes, night walk, canoeing, raft building, mountain biking and archery.

My favourite activities were mountain biking and archery. I enjoyed mountain biking because we got to ride to the top of the hills and also got to ride fast! I liked archery because we had a competition. Demetri won whilst I learnt how to aim a bow and arrow!

The thing I liked about the house was that I got the best roommates! The room had bunk beds in it. I also had a great time playing in their massive fields.

Viney Hill was the best trip in my life; it was just so much fun!

By Segun


‘Boy ‘o’ boy the girls were screaming…’

My favourite part of our time at Viney Hill was the night walk.

We all went into the forest and boy ‘o’ boy the girls were screaming their heads off! It was so much fun because the boys had made a bet seeing who would get scared first and sadly the girls lost!

We thought there were lots of the scary things hidden in the forest. As we couldn’t see our imaginations went wild! I have to be honest though, it was actually the boys frightening the girls all along!

By Meyrem


‘Smothering her with seaweed…’

When I visited Viney Hill in September I was flabbergasted! Our journey there was amazing and we had to travel through Wales just to get to our destination; however, I never thought Wales would be so astonishingly beautiful.

My favourite part of being at Viney Hill was the canoeing. The scariest part was when we had to jump in the canoe! I thought we were going to capsize! Fall in…head first, that would have been a disaster!

The funniest part was when everyone (including me) started to ambush Miss Sams with seaweed and water, it was hilarious!! When we finished smothering her with seaweed she looked like a disastrous piece of art work gone terribly wrong!

I am so joyful that I was able to experience the adventures of Viney Hill. I would love to go through again!

By Safina


‘Scavenge in the forest…’

Viney Hill was great! The journey to get from London to Wales then back into England to the Forest of Dean was a fantastic adventure!

In bush craft we learnt the skills of the bush, basically meaning we were taught what is safe to eat, how to light a fire and scavenge in the forest.

After eating stinging nettles and toasting marshmallows on a hand lit fire I think it was safe to say it was time to check out the grand old house! There were strict rules. No boys on the girl’s floor and no girls on the boy’s floor.

Apart from having four lovely teachers with us we had the kindest and most wonderful chef in the world; Robert. Robert was great; he would cook breakfast, lunch and dinner with pudding! The most memorable meal at the table was his apple crumble.

After many funny moments, bruised knees and tired eyes it was time to go home. This journey no one was desperate to do!

Viney Hill is a once in a lifetime opportunity which you won’t forget!

By George



‘Laughing and splashing…’

I must say Viney Hill is one of the best experiences of my life!

There were several activities throughout the day such as archery, canoeing and mountain biking, however raft building was the one I enjoyed the most!

One of my favourite moments was when we went raft building and we had just worked hard together building a perfect raft out of barrels, ropes and logs. However when we got it onto the lake disaster struck, the ropes were not tied securely enough and just a few minutes later we had all dropped into the water; feeling very frightened at first then laughing and splashing each other with water!

Another memorable moment was the talent show contest on the last night. My friend and I sang Impossible by James Arthur. We were both very excited as we went through to the next round. I was overwhelmed, I just couldn’t believe it…I had an amazing time!

By Zahraa


‘…I will never forget what I have achieved’

On the 21st of September a group of year 6s went to Viney Hill a Christian adventure retreat in wales. I was excited but extremely nervous and I have never been away from home by myself before. We left school at 8 am and got on the bus to Paddington station where we boarded a train for wales.

After saying good bye to my parents, I couldn’t wait in my excitement at going on a massive adventure with some of Northwold’s best teachers and my friends.

The journey took what felt like ages but finally we arrived. We chose rooms and beds and had a delicious dinner made by our on private chef Robert. Then we went for a walk in the forest in the dark, I was so excited, the air smelt different and there were trees everywhere I looked. I remember walking for ages and when I looked back I could see the house we were staying in, in the distance, it was fantastic!

Even though I was a little homesick, I remembered what my parents said about trying to enjoy every moment and that’s what I did.

My best memory was the canoeing trip. The water was amazing and warm also we had a picnic on a little island. Robert our cook made the best food I have ever tasted (no offence mum, dad, grandma and granddad) it was made fresh every day and was delicious.

The rest of the week was filled with activities I had only ever dreamt about including: water rafting and assault courses. I have travelled to Europe, The Caribbean and America on holiday but nothing compares to the fun times I had with my friends.

I would like to say a big thank you to the teachers who made this trip fun. I was sad to leave Viney Hill but I will never forget what I have achieved.

By Tylah


‘My week was about to get even better…’


I’ve been waiting to go on a school trip with my friends for a long time. The time had finally come for me to go to Viney hill!! Whoopee!! It had cost a lot of money to go and it was worth the time. I had packed my suitcase and was ready to go there. When I got to school I was very early; the teacher was calling out the names of the people who were going to the trip. Everyone had arrived and was ready to go.

We took the 106 bus which goes to Finsbury park station. Then waited for our train to come; we used the Piccadilly line. It took a long while for us to get to the other station. Whilst on the train Destin and I were playing noughts and crosses.

Once we finally arrived at Viney Hill, the people who worked there took us to the house where we would stay. It was a very old building with lots of trees surrounding it. When we entered the house, the people greeted us and allowed us to have some fun time!!

After that we went off to our activities. The first was an obstacle challenge, which had cob webs and tunnels. I had to go through the tunnels and walk on a tight rope with a cup of water taped onto my helmet. The person who had the most water left in the cup would then win the challenge. I lost the most water and eventually the girls won the challenge. The leader of our group was Miss Conway.

It was lunch time and we had pizza, chips and baked beans it was extremely scrumcious!!!

My week was about to get even better….


On Tuesday we went canoeing, it was extremely fun and exciting. I was really good at it; my partner was Ahmed. Ahmed and I were a perfect team together. The water was really cold but I had lots of layers of clothing on and I didn’t feel the cold. It was a great day.


On Wednesday we did archery using a bow and arrow. I started to get used to it. For the first time I shot the arrow in the middle of the aiming board, which was yellow. Archery is a bit similar to darts but you use different equipment. Later on I had an archery challenge; it was between the boys and girls. The boys won!


Thursday was the day for bike riding. The roads were so bumpy that is was so hard to ride the bike. The bike had gears which looked complicated. I got used to the gears and knew how to work them. Once I got to the top of the mountain, I saw the lovely views.

After the bike rides, we had a party. There was lots of food and party games. I really enjoyed the party as we did a talent show just like ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. I was with my friends Segun, Hamzah, Nishal and Abdul. We performed a magic trick. It was brilliant!


This was the day for us to leave Viney Hill. We played football for a bit and left. The journey back home was very long but we got there in the end.

By Michael


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