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Top 10 things that make us different and exciting

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Year 6

Our amazing School Council have come up with their top 10 reasons why Northwold is different and exciting.

Top 10 things that make us different and exciting:

  • Everyone works together as a team and there is no bullying at our school. As a result, everyone has a friend and everyone is treated with respect.
  • We have healthy lunches.
  • We never give up.
  • We go on regular, exciting and educational school trips.
  • We have very good parents who are our school governors.
  • Our leadership team keeps us safe.
  • We are a successful school and we link up with other schools here in the U.K and abroad.
  • We are proud of our exciting school website which is updated every week.
  • We are lucky to have dedicated teachers who provide us with exciting and challenging learning experiences.
  • We help charities by raising money and doing activities such as book and cake sales to raise money for research and others in need.

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