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Exam Results:

I feel unbelievably proud of the children who took their exams this year; they worked so hard and had amazing adults supporting them the whole way through their learning. They are an incredible group of children all with individual backgrounds, which if you looked at, would amaze you in their achievement. They were the year group that everyone worried about in terms of their vulnerability, age, needs and stories and they really left a mark on us all.

In terms of what they achieved for us as a school and for themselves, I think that this has probably been one of our best years. Although on paper we have taken an anticipated dip, this is a given if you are an inclusive school and I will always remember the children who made remarkable progress against all odds. When a child comes in who is very limited in what they can do, but leaves us as an independent, participating, contributing individual then that is something to celebrate.

Celebration day at the Roundchapel:

Our celebration day takes place every year and it is an incredible chance to thank everybody for making the year what it has been. We reward our children for their achievements with prizes for those who have shown the most progress and for behaviour and attendance. It is a fantastic day but sadly we do not have the space at our school to accommodate all the children and their families together, so traditionally this has been limited to Year 6 parents.

Last year, as an exciting development, we decided to hold the event at the Roundchapel. This is such a special day and fantastic celebration of our children and school and we decided it is very important for every child’s parent to be able to attend. All the children took part and the Reverend Rose gave an amazing and inspirational talk. The children performed for their parents with music and dance and it felt like a very special event and the perfect way to finish the school year. If you missed out there is a video of the day on our YouTube channel, watch via the link provided here:

Keep celebrating!

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