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Conferences and Courageous Leadership

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The people I learn the most from are the ones who have taken a risk, stepped out and dared to be different.

Sometimes this method of thinking, to be different and to act differently can leave you quite isolated, alone in success and failures, so from this issue, the idea for a Courageous Leadership  conference was conceptualised.

Courageous Leadership is a platform to bring like-minded thinkers together. These are the people who are doing amazing things but without the network to share ideas and discuss methods to achieve. As individuals, we often look internally, without embracing and recognising the worth of the achievements and amazing conceptions around the globe. However, British education is developing. We have been given a fantastic opportunity to see who is out there, to see what we should and should not be sharing and begin to widen our perspectives.  We need to discover who is conducting the best practices and who the best leaders are. Through having these conversations we will be able to model the best thinking for our children to progress in the future.

We are looking to hold an academic conference here in London, inviting courageous leaders from across the globe, we talk and we come together but we do not hold each other to account. The questions we should be asking are how did the money spent on this project impact learning? Have you shared this with other people? What were their perceptions? We need to start having these conversations and bring people together by invitation who want to take risks, to know what is going on, to be open and to share.

I believe it is so important to set this example to our children. As the future leaders they need to be able to think and act differently, to be bold and to take risks as otherwise history repeats itself and we won’t grow and we will not learn.


Conferences and collaboration are a big part of Northwold School life. Each year we host headteachers from Denmark and the Netherlands, conducting talks on school leadership, building leadership teams and collaboration strategies.

I have recently been asked to attend several conferences to present on our Ofsted journey to Outstanding. I like to stress to an audience that there really is no magic involved and no formula that will guarantee success. The last thing I would want is for people to leave the talks feeling inadequate! I tend to cover the ten most important things to be aware of in getting ready for an inspection and if anyone takes away one or two new things from my presentations then to me that is a success and a worthwhile experience. The talks are a great networking event and it is always interesting and enlightening when attendees share their thoughts with us as well.

Another exciting development has meant that we will be hosting the London School’s Gold Club presentations this year. Talks at the conference will be varied but focus on sharing good practice, staff well being and leadership team development.

Keep sharing!

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