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Global partnerships

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At Northwold we try to think about learning in a global way.

In September I went to China as part of the British Council scheme to partner British schools with Chinese schools. This was a great opportunity to extend our global relationships and I intended to go out there with an open mind. I was excited to see what will capture my imagination.

On my way to China I visited Thai Pai where I was invited to work with one of the international schools there. They were looking to discuss leadership and our curriculum. This is a really nice connection to have and if it works well then the opportunity to work with more international schools may arise. Each of our classes has their own link with a school in a different country, being named after those countries. It is so important for the children to have these global perspectives as it is so easy to look internally. At the moment we have partnerships with some of our teachers who have gone to Dubai and Ethiopia and we will endeavour to keep these strong.

Our global partners are expanding and I enjoy the links that we have created. We have a group of Dutch and Danish Head Teachers who come over every year to discuss leadership and also a link with a street school in Zimbabwe, it is really nice to have this as it is so humbling. Our good link with a school in Singapore presented a fantastic opportunity for us last summer. The school hosted our teachers to enable them to learn about Singapore maths. A teacher from each Year group gave up part of their summer to really understand Singapore maths, so the maths we teach here at our school is an amalgamation of the national curriculum and Singapore teaching methods. I must say this has made a big difference, especially to our more able students.

We have discussed with our children how exciting it is that at least 25% of them will be working in a different country one day. We try to spark their curiosity about the world, encouraging them to learn another language, try different foods and be open to change. Having all these different people in the building and as connections provides a brilliant model of what life could look like for them.

Keep cultural!

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