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Sport at Northwold

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I would like to take a moment to celebrate sports at Northwold and to share with you the exciting developments continuing throughout our programme.

Sport at Northwold is unique. Our lessons are taught in Spanish which means the children are learning without even thinking. We have found that the younger children, especially nursery and reception age have developed a fluency that enables them to interchange their languages happily, picking up skills whilst being completely unaware that they are in the process of learning.

As many of you will know our progressive learning style was picked up on by Arsenal Football Club and they have partially embraced it themselves. Our efforts were recognised with the FA award for Outstanding Achievement last July and we now have plans to start our own football club in Spanish this year- watch this space! As part of the award Arsenal will be joining us, organising and completely funding sports day next summer, we are looking forward to what is undoubtedly going to be an event not to be missed.

Last year our sports day was held at Springfield Park, for all those who attended you will know it was an unforgettable event. We were lucky enough to have Olympians attend to support the children and as ever it was great to see the Northwold community spirit: pupils and teachers feeling pride for their assigned colours and everyone joining in. It was a fantastic day and the winning team enjoyed a prize trip to Frinton beach to celebrate their achievements.

At Northwold we are quite unique and focus on inclusivity and participation throughout the school. For example we involve the whole school in sports day from nursery through to year 6, there is nothing more natural than seeing everyone taking part with their teams with the support of their parents and siblings. Our staff are very active; some teachers took part in the colour run as a team this year and they regularly participate in running clubs, gym and yoga together.

I would also like to celebrate the success of our ‘Get up and Dance’ event with Boy Blue. All of the children and staff came in their team colours to take part and the result was very effective and lots of fun. If you have not had the chance to view the dedicated film of the event, please visit:

We have managed to create a really good balance between competitive and cooperative sports at Northwold. It is not just a lesson a week for our children, but an everyday experience.

Keep active!

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