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How Is My Child’s Level Calculated?

At the end of each term, the children are assessed in reading, writing, mathematics and science and their levels recorded. In addition to these levels, teachers analyse independent work produced by each child during the term. In undertaking this analysis teachers examine the knowledge and skills that children demonstrate in completing given tasks in each subject. The work is examined based on statements in the APP-Assessing Pupil’s Progress grids. The outcome of this evidence based analysis along with the child’s test score are used to assign their final level at the end of each term. Termly APP moderation meetings are conducted by the assessment coordinator to verify selected children’s levels.

How Can You Help Your Child?

  • Support your child in completing their homework.
  • Read daily with your child.
  • Ask them questions about what they have read or get them to explain the steps involved in solving a problem.
  • Take your child out on trips e.g: museums and galleries