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Learning Developments

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Clapton girls – the building of a new science lab:

Over the past year, we have had an amazing partnership develop with Clapton Girls Academy. Our work with the Academy leader of science has helped us to understand what KS3 science looks like and develop what we can do teaching-wise to raise the bar in science at Northwold. We currently do not have the facilities to teach and practice Level 6 science on site so we have been taking our children to the Academy to access their resources.

Our big news is that we are now in the process of building our own science lab; this has taken place over October half term. We are lucky enough to possess two ICT labs so one of these will go to be replaced by Science. The computers will be replaced with portable devices since most of our lessons now embrace an ICT strand; this seems like the most practical way of teaching and is a fun addition to our lessons.

The science lab will benefit all the children, not just the more able and we are starting to think about the ways in which we can make science more fun and enjoyable at our school. To be successful, children need to have the ability to achieve in whatever they excel in or enjoy and for many, this is not just English or maths, this is science. Our own lab will help us to reach these higher levels and give our children access to new, once unreachable, opportunities.

There will be a launch event soon with special guests and Clapton Academy so look out!

Changed Curriculum:

We now embrace the Cornerstones Creative Curriculum. This is an excellent cross-curricular approach and has given us the opportunity to celebrate British culture. Our school has diverse staffing and pupils and the only thing that we have in common is that we all choose to live in London- which I believe is by far the coolest city in the world! We want the children to know and appreciate just how lucky they are to be living in London, so we take them on three visits every term. We make the children take public transport so that a) they know how to get there if they want to visit themselves and b) so that they can see that its free for them to use and it is amazing.

We want our children to be proud of the fact that they are Londoners. If we do not teach them this explicitly then there is a huge risk that we will all come here to school, do our separate work and leave in a very fragmented way. Embracing and learning about being a British citizen is a really important thing and I was so pleased that this was introduced into the national curriculum; I think it is spot on.

Keep learning!

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Exam Results:

I feel unbelievably proud of the children who took their exams this year; they worked so hard and had amazing adults supporting them the whole way through their learning. They are an incredible group of children all with individual backgrounds, which if you looked at, would amaze you in their achievement. They were the year group that everyone worried about in terms of their vulnerability, age, needs and stories and they really left a mark on us all.

In terms of what they achieved for us as a school and for themselves, I think that this has probably been one of our best years. Although on paper we have taken an anticipated dip, this is a given if you are an inclusive school and I will always remember the children who made remarkable progress against all odds. When a child comes in who is very limited in what they can do, but leaves us as an independent, participating, contributing individual then that is something to celebrate.

Celebration day at the Roundchapel:

Our celebration day takes place every year and it is an incredible chance to thank everybody for making the year what it has been. We reward our children for their achievements with prizes for those who have shown the most progress and for behaviour and attendance. It is a fantastic day but sadly we do not have the space at our school to accommodate all the children and their families together, so traditionally this has been limited to Year 6 parents.

Last year, as an exciting development, we decided to hold the event at the Roundchapel. This is such a special day and fantastic celebration of our children and school and we decided it is very important for every child’s parent to be able to attend. All the children took part and the Reverend Rose gave an amazing and inspirational talk. The children performed for their parents with music and dance and it felt like a very special event and the perfect way to finish the school year. If you missed out there is a video of the day on our YouTube channel, watch via the link provided here:

Keep celebrating!

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Year 5 Turkey at UEL

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Year 5 Turkey spent a day the University of East London on a Business Trip. The Business Trip was part of our extensive enabling enterprise programme. Turkey class spent the day as inventors, designing a gadget. It inspired one of our pupils to reflect: “I’m proud of the gadget we designed today and it makes me really happy that people want to buy it already!” Click here to read the full news item.

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We were given ‘OUTSTANDING’ in a recent Review of Northwold’s Overall Effectiveness

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The review was carried out over two days by Rob Eyre–Brook and Peter Neale, with reference to the current Ofsted Framework for the Inspection of Schools. Ofsted judgement criteria were used throughout. The review covered all areas evaluated in an Ofsted inspection, with the exception of safeguarding and the effectiveness of governors, although these aspects were also touched upon. A review of safeguarding was recently carried out by the Local Authority with very positive results. Continue Reading here.


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