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Coronavirus Update Page

02.11.20 – COVID 19 Risk Assessment Northwold – 2.11.20

19.09.20 – Easy_read_household_isolation

11.09.20 – Letter to Parents from Arbor Trust CEO

11.09.20 – Drop off and Pick Up Letter

Please find inserted here a link to the: Arbor Academy Risk Assessment– Draft Northwold Primary- Holiday Club

31.07.20 – Risk assessment – Holiday Club

29.05.20 – Letter to parents from Maureen (CEO)

29.05.20 – Return to school booklet

16th May – Support for Families

12th May – Letter to Parents re Update on School reopening 12.5.20

11th May – Google classroom set up letter for parents (2)

5th May – Domestic Abuse Covid-19 Poster

5th May – staying healthy at home social story

30.04.20 – Animal exercises

30.04.20 – Fun and learning around the home EY activities

30.04.20 – My Wellbeing Toolkit – Coronavirus

30.04.20 – visual timetable symbols

23rd April – letter to school students – Coronavirus Letter of encouragement to all school students from the Mayor and Cllr Bramble

23rd April – Washing your hands visuals

23rd April – What is coronavirus – social story

23rd April – Social distancing & hand washing – social story

9th April – Safeguarding Letter

3rd April – Community Resilience – Community Support Briefing for Services and partn…

28th March – FSM update letter

24th March – School Closure Update Letter to Parents

24th March – Free School Meal Letter to Parent

20th March – Parent Closure Letter

20th March – Letter re Key Worker School Arrangments

20th March – School Closure letter to children

20th March – Letter to school students from Mayor of Hackney

20th March – Example 1 Suggested Daily Timetable

20th March – Example 2 daily home timetable – 1 page

18th March – School Closure Letter from Mrs Goulbourne

18th March – Coronavirus letter from Maureen to parents

17th March – HLT Letter for Parents & Carers – COVID-19 final