Northwold Primary School - No sky too high


Northwold is committed to meeting the statutory requirements of the New National Curriculum and Revised Early Years and Foundation Stage Framework (2014). We have developed a broad, balance creative curriculum that stimulates and fosters children’s learning. The ethos of the school promotes a caring and positive learning environment that gives children the opportunity to be the best that they can be. The curriculum fosters the growth and development of the children in all areas of learning.


Our curriculum aims to:

  • Inspire and give all children the opportunity to achieve at their highest potential regardless of their ability, gender, social and economic circumstance
  • Encourage children to be creative
  • Mold young minds to be good global citizens
  • Take learning outside of the classroom
  • Help children to understand the importance of tolerance, resilience, cooperation and perseverance which are key components of our personal goals


Early Years and Foundation Stage

Please click here to read the EYFS Framework.



Key Stage 1 and 2

The new curriculum is being taught in all year groups this academic year except in Year 2 and 6. These two year groups will be taught following the old curriculum in order to meet statutory assessment requirements.


 year-1           year-2             year-3

 year-4           year-5             year-6


One of our parent coffee mornings was based around the new curriculum, the presentation can be found here.

Please have a look at each subject we cover below: