Northwold Primary School - No sky too high





Computers are an essential part of everyday life in the 21st Century, whether it’s operating a set of traffic lights, using a tablet to learn your times tables or programming a game with a PC. We teach the children of Northwold to develop and master the necessary skills to use these resources –

  • To express, share and present ideas and information to others
  • To be explore their own ideas with creative tools
  • To learn new things and consolidate existing knowledge
  • To write their own simple programs using computer code
  • To be safe and responsible users of ICT resources



Computing at Northwold gives children opportunities to use ICT resources in all areas of the curriculum as well as to learn discrete ICT skills. We also teach the children to use ICT resources safely and responsibly. We follow the National and EYFS Curriculum , delivered via the International Primary Curriculum topics. In addition we have an annual Film and Animation Week, where ICT plays a big role.

Discrete ICT skills are taught by Mr Braune, linked, wherever possible, to current topic work in class.


Northwold invests in a wide range of ICT resources. In addition to PCs and Apple Macs, children have opportunities to create and learn with laptops, iPads, digital cameras, Beebots, Nintendo DS’s and digital microphones.

We select a wide range of software programs that support teaching and learning – both in school and at home. Also these resources selected are designed to support all learners in the school.

At Northwold we want children to become skilled in their use of digital technology, learning through fun and engaging activities, creating high quality products and content, as well as having repeated, practical experience of writing code. We also want them to become safe, responsible and critical users of technology.