Attendance and Behaviour

Attendance and Behaviour


Northwold Primary School is committed to providing a full and effective education to all pupils and embraces the concept of equal opportunities for all. We endeavour to provide an environment where all pupils feel valued and welcome. For a pupil to reach their full educational potential a high level of school attendance is essential.

If a child requires a doctor/dentist appointment, where possible, this should be arranged outside of normal school hours. If this is not possible and that child needs to be dropped off later or collected early from school, the parent of that child must notify the class teacher and show them the appointment card.

If a child arrives after the bell has rang, they must report to the office where they will be marked as late in the register. Consistent lateness will not be tolerated and further investigations will be made to establish why this is happening.

All children are expected to take any vacations during the allocated school holidays. Parents do not have a right to take children out of school for a holiday during term time. In extremely exceptional circumstances the school can grant up to 10 days’ authorised absence during term time but additional evidence may be requested to support any application.


At Northwold School we recognise that good behaviour is important to promote mutual respect and a calm, caring and industrious environment where all are encouraged to succeed to the best of their abilities. To achieve this Northwold has an orderly atmosphere, where effective teaching and learning taking place.

We recognise the importance of a positive approach to the behaviour of the children. At Northwold praise and rewards are emphasised. Our school approach encourages and expects positive attitudes and high standards of achievement both in class work and general behaviour.

In partnership with parents we aim to:

It is our aim at Northwold to help children to grow up with a clear view of what is right and wrong, whilst appreciating the needs of others and of society around them. Children learn by example as well as rule. Both teachers and parents have a responsibility in setting a good example.

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