Northwold Primary School - No sky too high



Enrichment opportunities at Northwold are integral to the complete, holistic development of every child. All children have the right to develop new skills, confidence and leadership; working independently, or within a group to enhance their learning experience. Commitment to a team, skill, project or performance aids each pupil’s sense of pride, self-worth and achievement, whilst building a platform for academic accomplishment.

A full programme of clubs are on offer weekly, with opportunities in sports, arts, dance, languages, debating and professional music lessons. We regularly host and partake in events, plays, musical recitals and dance performances often working in partnership with charities to fundraise, as well as promote pupil development.

Students enjoy a range of trips locally and further afield in the UK. Visits to castles, museums and the theatre allow learning to be enhanced outside of the classroom and for lessons and topics to come to life.


Student leadership and enterprise opportunities are a vital component within our school ethos; sharing initiative and innovation to further our local, national and global community. Our School Council is a fundamental part of school life, meeting weekly to ensure that the whole school has a voice, sharing best practice and offering advice to other pupils.

Our distinguished partnerships provide a rich programme of enterprise opportunities. Recent projects have included Enabling Enterprise at Arsenal Emirates Stadium, the BETT Kids Meet for computer Technology, Incubus enterprise workshops, Cambridge University science sessions and CREATE financial activities. Our students relish the opportunity to test their skills, learn new crafts and use their imaginations to creatively formulate solutions.


A full timetable of activities can be found on our Extended School Clubs page