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Meet our parents

Our parents are an integral part of the Northwold Community

To learn more about our parents, each week we will showcase a parent brave enough to take on the challenge of our 60 second interview. This week’s parent under the spotlight is Nuzhat Dungaria.

Nuzhat Dungaria

Parent to Falak in Year 4 Jamaica and Naira  in Year 3 Spain



What is your earliest memory of school?
Being left by mummy on the first day and having no friends.

What did you enjoy about school?
Playtimes and lunchtimes.

Who was your most memorable teacher and why?
Mr John, who was a fantastic teacher and mentor.

What differences do you notice between your education and your child?

In my time we had more creative lessons like art and drama. Know it’s more core subjects.

 What was your favourite school dinner?

Fish & Chips and puddings.  I still miss the puddings.